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Europol released a report on the activities of the European Migrant Smuggling Centre


Europol’s two-year activity report from the European Migrant Smuggling Centre (EMSC) provides a detailed overview of the developments and trends in migrant smuggling. The report focuses on such areas as document fraud, abuse of visa-free travel, use of social media by criminal groups, their modi operandi, etc. The report was published to mark the Annual Conference of Heads of Migrant Smuggling Units, hosted by Europol in The Hague.

Europol’s EMSC was established in early 2016 following a period of highly dynamic irregular migration, with vulnerable migrants travelling largely unrestricted in sizeable groups across the Mediterranean Sea, external land borders and beyond into the EU. Europol established that many migrants had their journey facilitated by criminal organisations. The core task of the EMSC is supporting cross-border investigations to disrupt and prosecute organised crime groups.

Please find the full report at the following link.

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