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IOM Ukraine releases results of National Monitoring System survey on the situation of internally displaced persons


54% of internally displaced persons (IDPs) have funds only for food or have to limit expenses even for food, according to an EU-funded IOM survey conducted in March 2018. This is a 10% increase from the previous round of the survey in December 2017. For the last round, 2,420 IDPs were interviewed face-to-face, and 3,611 IDPs were interviewed by phone.

According to the survey, current average monthly income per IDP household member is UAH 2,239 (EUR 71), a little less then UAH 2,446 recorded in December 2017. It stays lower than the actual subsistence level calculated by the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine in March at UAH 3,215 (EUR 102). 1/4 the IDP households, surveyed by IOM, have monthly income up to UAH 3,000 (EUR 95), while almost half of IDP families live on UAH 3,000 – UAH 7,000 (EUR 95 – EUR 222) per month.

The survey revealed that healthcare currently appears to be unaffordable for many IDPs due to the cost of medicine and services. The share of IDPs satisfied with accessibility of health care services drastically declined from 85% in December 2017 to 62 % in March 2018.

At the same time, situation with IDPs’ employment has remained relatively stable since June 2017, with 48% of displaced persons having a job. 12% of IDPs are currently actively seeking employment. Among them, the overwhelming majority (78%) are women, and up to 40% complain about the lack of vacancies.

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