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April 2016
Organising countries: 
Moldova and Poland
14-15 April 2016
March 2015

Close to 60 experts and officials from Eastern Partnership countries, EU Member States, academia, civil society and international organizations came together in Budapest to exchange and review...

March 2014

Over forty experts from EU MS, Eastern Partnership countries, international organisations, civil society and academia came together to compare their views, best practices and challenges in the...

December 2013

The Eastern Partnership (EaP) Panel on Migration and Asylum expert meeting on statelessness took place in Budapest on 12-13 December 2013. The meeting was organized jointly by Hungary and Moldova...

December 2012

The Panel Meeting was dedicated to the information exchange on general developments in the area of migration and asylum with particular focus on circular migration in the EU and Eastern...


According to the Regulation of the Government of the Republic of Moldova No. 634 of 24 August 2012 the Bureau on Migration and Asylum (BMA) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs developed the...


An IOM study on trafficking in men from Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova shows that the risk of falling prey to traffickers does not depend on victim’s education and place of residence.



Representatives of the OSCE participating States in Central and Eastern Europe as well as international organizations and civil society conducted a three-day workshop in Chisinau on contemporary...


The Border Police of Moldova launched an application, Trafic Online (Online Traffic), through which one would be able to watch, in real time, the average period of waiting time at border...


The parliament today ratified the agreement between Moldova and Georgia on readmission of illegally staying persons.  

The document is aimed at fighting the illegal migration and...


Representatives of Ukraine, Turkey, Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, Moldova, Poland and Latvia participated in the conference for the border control agencies of the countries of the Baltic-Black Sea...


Two years ago, on 28 April 2014, following a long and complex process the European Union abolished the short-term visa requirements for the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, holders of...


The first Panel meeting of the Eastern Partnership (EaP


A new information platform,, which contains full information on the crossing of Moldova’s state border, was launched by the Border...

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