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Expert Meeting on Border and Migration Management in Emergency Situations

The meeting will be devoted to emergency situations caused by natural or manmade disasters which have resulted in mass migration and involved large numbers of vulnerable migrants. A special focus will be on the issues related to the management of mass migration from war-stricken regions.

The aim of the meeting is to present tools, mechanisms and best practices which provide for the balance between the facilitation of movement, protection of those who cross the borders in emergencies and the security of the national borders.

The discussion will be structured around the following issues:

  • national and international legal framework in relation to emergency situations,
  • the activities of the organizations and persons implementing/applying the legislation,
  • infrastructural and technical conditions to provide security for the borders and safety for the migrants,
  • financing of border and migration management systems, and
  • cooperation among relevant stakeholders involved in the management of emergency situations

More detailed information about the meeting can be found in its Concept Note.

Organising countries: 
Hungary and Moldova
23-24 March 2017
  The Project is funded
by the European
The Project is implemented
by the International
Organization for Migration