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Expert Workshop on Victims of Trafficking in Human Beings

The Expert Workshop on Victims of Trafficking in Human Beings, organized within the framework of the Eastern Partnership Panel on Migration and Asylum, took place in Warsaw, Poland. Participants from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine, as well as 13 EU Member States, Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS), Swedish Migration Board, UNHCR, IOM, ICMPD and EC attended the meeting. The workshop was co-organized by Poland, Armenia and European Commission with the thematic focus on victims’ rights, cooperation between law-enforcement agencies and NGOs, and identification, support and protection of child victims.

The first day of the workshop began with opening remarks by Poland and Armenia. Panel I dedicated to the victims’ rights started with the EC informing on the activities aimed at protection of victims’ rights followed by the UNHCR presentation on victims of trafficking and international protectionand IOM presenting good practices of the direct assistance. The Panel continued with Armenia, Germany and Moldova sharing examples of nationalmodels of support and protection of victims’ rights. The Panel was summarized and closed by the ECPAT.

Panel II provided an overview of the standards in cooperation between law-enforcement agencies and non-governmental organizations and started with the introduction into the subject by the IOM. Presentations of experiences of cooperation between law enforcement and civil society in the aspect of victims’ protection were individually delivered by Romania, Belgium, Poland and Armenia and followed by sessions of questions and answers. Later on Poland illustrated theory and practice of the National Referral Mechanism, which resulted in a discussion.

The second day of the workshop started with Panel III focused mainly on identification, support and protection of child victims. Ireland informed on theassistance and protection of child victims and added on implementation of the EU aquis on assistance and protection of child victims. CBSS followed with presentation on children trafficked for exploitation in begging and in criminality based on findings in Norway, Sweden, Poland and Lithuania. Poland, Denmark and Ukraine delivered separate presentations on the best ways of coordination of actions between law enforcement and child protection in case of child trafficking followed by discussion of the presented issues.

The workshop was summarized and closed by Poland.  

CARIM East Explanatory Notes on THB

Organising countries: 
Poland and Armenia
21-22 May 2013
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