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Panel Meeting on Readmission, Return and Reintegration

The Panel Meeting on the return, readmission and reintegration organized within the framework of the Eastern Partnership Panel on Migration and Asylum took place in Tbilisi, Georgia and was co-organized by Hungary and European Commission (EC). The meeting gathered representatives of all Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries, EU Member States, international organizations, civil society and academia with the purpose of discussing all the relevant aspects of the return process: readmission, return and re-integration.

The first day started with welcome and opening remarks (EC, Georgia and Hungary). General Panel business was discussed during the first session beginning with the brief report from the previous Panel Meeting on Circular Migration held in Chisinau, following by sharing updates from the Panel. The session continued with tour de table on recent developments in participating states in the areas covered by the Panel at national and regional levels. Later on relevant initiatives implemented in the context of Prague Process (PP) were presented by Poland and followed by theupdates on UNHCR Quality Initiative in Eastern Europe and Northern Caucasus. Lithuania reported on preparations to the 2013 Ministerial Conference.

The second session provided introduction to the return, readmission and reintegration starting with Poland sharing the report form the PPTI 1stWorkshop of PP1 on exchange of experience and best practices on return and readmission of foreigners. Migration Policy Center covered return, readmission and reintegration in the EaP region continuing with tour de table on up-to-date situation with return, readmission and reintegration.

The third session was dedicated entirely to return and began with overview of the Return Directive and EU MS perspective on the directive. The session continued with presentation of the Belgian experience in facilitating return through information actions followed by the illustration of thehuman rights dimension of the return, readmission and reintegration process.

Fourth session covered readmission issues by reporting on implementation of the readmission agreements from the perspective of both receiving and returning states and continued with presentation on identification of undocumented migrants for the purpose of readmission. Later on Armenia added on readmission of irregular migrants and after discussion Georgia summarized the first day of the Panel meeting.

The second day of the Panel meeting started with the fifth session focusing closely on reintegration. Georgia informed on the short-term measures to ensure effective reintegration, while Armenia shared practices of return and reintegration of own citizens. The session went further with report on the facilitation of assisted voluntary return and reintegration in Moldova and followed by description of the civil society involvement in reintegration.

Sixth session of the meeting further developed reintegration topic by presentation of the lessons learned and experienced gathered from the projects addressing reintegration implemented by the IOM Georgia. Later on reintegration of vulnerable groups was addressed by Romania.

The second day of the EaP Panel meeting was summarized by Georgia and Hungary with final word by the EC.

CARIM East Explanatory Notes on Return and Readmission 

Organising countries: 
Georgia and Hungary
20-21 March 2013
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