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Centers for irregular migrants in three Belarusian towns not earlier than 2018


Detention centers for irregular migrants will be created in the cities of Vitebsk, Gomel, and Lida, Belarus' Interior Minister Igor Shunevich said in an interview. The establishment of these centers is monitored by a working group which is composed of representatives of the Interior Ministry and the Belarusian Office of the International Organization for Migration (IOM). “By the end of the year, they are expected to solve a number of practical issues. Therefore the initiative will be launched not earlier than 2018,” the Minister said.

“The centers will be created in Vitebsk, Gomel, and Lida using the infrastructure of local law enforcement bodies.” Certain premises have been already chosen by the Interior Ministry. “To avoid speculations, I will reiterate that these centers will be meant only for foreigners expecting their deportation. They will not be used to accommodate refugees,” Minister said.

The Minister also added that the migration situation in the country is stable. In 2016, Belarusian law enforcement bodies detected 15 organized groups of irregular migrants consisting of 69 persons. Besides, they investigated 69 crimes concerning the organization of irregular migration and 319 crimes connected to the violation of the terms of Belarus' entry ban for foreigners. “Some 2,332 foreign citizens were deported from our country for the violation of the legislation. More than 8,000 people were added to Belarus' travel ban list,” the Minister said.

The background information on the construction of the temporary accommodation centers for irregular migrants in Belarus is available under the link.

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