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Moldova’s Citizenship by Investment Programme to be suspended

The programme on providing Moldova’s citizenship through investments will be suspended. President Igor Dodon made...


Remittances from EU to Georgia increased

In June 2019, the volume of money transfers from abroad constituted 143.6 million USD, which...


Less foreigners receive Ukrainian citizenship

Over the past 5 years, the number of persons who received Ukrainian citizenship has significantly...


Ukraine signed an agreement on visa-free regime with Northern Macedonia on a permanent basis

The Ambassador of Ukraine in Northern Macedonia, Natalia Zadorozhnyuk, signed with the Foreign Minister of...


Azerbaijan's ASAN Visa issued 429,000 visas in 2019

The number of visas issued through Azerbaijan’s ASAN Visa system increased by 61 percent during...


Italy shuts Europe's one-time largest migrant centre

A migrant centre “Mineo” on the Italian island of Sicily which had been one of...


More than 16 thousand labour migrants worked in Ukraine in 2018

According to the Ministry of Social Policy, during 2018, 16.2 thousand foreign citizens and stateless...


Azerbaijan moves up in rankings of visa-free travel

Azerbaijan ranks 78 among 109 countries in the latest edition of 2019 Henley and Partners...


Georgia complicates requirements for obtaining a residence permit

On 5 July, the new rules for obtaining a residence permit entered into force in...


895 people apply for refugee status in Belarus in 2018

Some 895 people applied for the refugee status in Belarus in 2018, Representative of the...

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