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EU provides additional funds to boost cross-border cooperation between Azerbaijan and Georgia


On 30 March, the EU will officially launch six cross-border cooperation projects between Azerbaijan and Georgia, all of which have received grants under the Eastern Partnership Territorial Cooperation Programme (EaP TC). The launching ceremony will be held in Tbilisi.

Projects that receive grants through the Azerbaijan–Georgia EaP TC Programme are aimed at strengthening regional development and cross-border cooperation between the two countries in relation to improving the living conditions of local communities, and solving problems linked to the environment, youth employment and tourism development. The total amount of funding made available by the European Union for the implementation of these projects was €1.35 million.

The Eastern Partnership Territorial Cooperation Programme’s goal is to promote sustainable cross-border cooperation between bordering regions of the Eastern Partner countries to develop joint solutions to common challenges in border areas between Moldova and Ukraine, Armenia and Georgia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, and Belarus and Ukraine, with due regard to the specifics of each border area. It also aims to develop the capacity of state and non-state bodies of neighbouring countries to jointly develop and implement cross-border projects.

  The Project is funded
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