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European Economic and Social Committee hearing calls for fact-based debate on migration


The UN's Global Compact for Migration was on the agenda of the hearing held at the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) on 2 May 2019, where a number of stakeholders met to discuss its implementation.

“The Global Compact is very compatible with the European Treaties and reflects EU values such as solidarity, equality and respect for human rights”, said EESC member José Antonio Moreno Díaz. “It should serve as a framework for policy-making in the EU.”

The document that the EESC is currently putting together aims to assess to what extent the EU and its Member States meet the 23 objectives of the Global Compact and to clarify which EU laws, policies and tools can be used to achieve its objectives. The final discussion and adoption of the opinion is scheduled for the EESC plenary session in July 2019.

The UN's Global Compact for safe, orderly and regular migration was adopted in Marrakesh (Morocco) in December 2018. It addresses all aspects of international migration and provides a framework for extensive international cooperation with regard to migrants and human mobility on the basis of 23 objectives.

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