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Extended Migration Profile of Moldova for the years of 2010-2015 was developed


According to the Regulation of the Government of the Republic of Moldova No. 634 of 24 August 2012 the Bureau on Migration and Asylum (BMA) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs developed the analytical report “Extended Migration Profile of the Republic of Moldova”.

This analytical report contains the detailed analysis of the data on the processes of immigration of foreign citizens to Moldova as well as of emigration of Moldovan citizens to different countries during 2010-2015. This is the fourth report of this kind prepared by the BMA.

The Extended Migration Profile for 2010-2015 contains four main information-analytical chapters: migration trends (part A), impact of migration (part B), migration management framework (part C), main conclusions, policy implications and recommendations (part D), and three annexes: glossary, statistical tables (52), institutional framework for the policy in the sphere of migration and asylum.

Migration analysis shows that economic reasons remain the main driving force for Moldovan migrants, particularly due to lack of employment opportunities and low salaries offered at the local labor market. Migration in the country is predominantly characterized by the emigration of the Moldovan population rather than by immigration of foreigners to the country.

The full text of the Extended Migration Profile (in Romanian) can be found at

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