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Foreign nationals will apply for Ukrainian visas through simplified procedures


From April, foreign nationals will be able to apply for Ukrainian visas through simplified rules approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on 1 March.

The number of foreigners wishing to visit Ukraine, despite the current challenging situation in the country, is growing, therefore the rationale for adoption of the new Rules for issuance of visas for entering Ukraine and transiting through its territory was to align the visa issuance mechanism with the international standards and to create favorable conditions for visiting Ukraine.

According to the new Rules the terms of issuance of visas reduced to 10 days, and if expedited issuance is requested, then to 5 days. Duration of a long-term visa is increased from 45 to 90 days.

Processing of invitations through the State Migration Service was abolished, instead invitations can be certified by a notary public.

A single visa fee of USD 65 was introduced for all types of visas while before it amounted to USD 85 for single-entry visa, USD 130 for double-entry visa and USD 180 for multiple-entry visa.

An option to apply for a visa via mail or through an external visa service provider was introduced.

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