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Georgia approves Migration Profile 2017 and the Migration Strategy Action Plan for 2018


The Migration Profile of Georgia 2017 and the Migration Strategy Action Plan for 2018 were approved on 19th sitting of the State Commission on Migration Issues of Georgia on 4 December 2017.

The Migration Profile 2017 is the second information and analytical document elaborated within the framework of the SCMI according to the new, a so-called medium migration profile format. In its predecessor - Migration Profile 2015, it was analyzed the migration related statistical data of years 2010-2014. The current document as a logical sequence of the previous Profile presents the data of years 2015-2016 analyzing the latter through different (demographic, economic and social) dimensions and based on this analysis, reveals the basic tendencies and changes in various migration stocks and flows.

Currently, the Migration Profile 2017 and Migration Strategy Action Plan for 2018 are being translated into English. The translated versions of both documents will be published by February 2018.

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