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Georgia presents an interdisciplinary Textbook on Migration


The publication created through the partnership of the Secretariat for the State Commission on Migration Issues and the International Centre for Migration Policy Development under the EU funded “ENIGMMA” project aims to put all pieces of studying migration puzzle in one entire picture to introduce to a reader a fascinating world of migration, its impact to all aspects of our lives and its perspectives for our future.

Starting with a chapter on Migration as an Interdisciplinary Phenomenon, the textbook explains in details what aspects we need to consider when we discuss migration and why it is important to consider them.

The other important migration related issues, from theoretical background to practical aspects of migration management are covered by the following chapters of the Textbook: The Main Forms of Migratory Movements; Theoretical Frameworks of International Migration; History of Migration; Science of Human Geography; Statistics and Demography; Economic Aspects of Migration; Migration and Social Sciences; Migration and Gender chapter; Legal Aspects of Migration; Migration and Media; Migration and Public Administration; Migration and Security.

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