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IOM, European Asylum Support Office sign working arrangement


The European Asylum Support Office (EASO) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) have established a formal cooperation framework to guide the relevant areas of common work in the fields of international protection and migration management.

The Working Arrangement was signed on 23 July by the Executive Director of EASO, Nina Gregori, and the Director General of the IOM, António Vitorino, in Paris.

The Working Arrangement covers cooperation in several areas where EASO and the IOM’s mandates converge in ensuring that the rights of migrants and applicants for international protection are safeguarded, while supporting national governments in meeting their obligations and needs. These areas include early warning, preparedness and contingency, the reception conditions of applicants, returns to countries of origin, resettlement, voluntary relocation and supporting migrants with vulnerabilities and specific protection needs.

Cross-cutting areas of cooperation are also included in the Working Arrangement, such as training initiatives, exchange of expertise and joint work on capacity-building activities for national authorities.

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