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Moldova, Romania to ease cross-border traffic


The Customs Service of the Republic of Moldova and the Romanian customs authority will take several actions to ease cross-border traffic by late August, during which flows increase on average by over 20%.

According to the Customs Service of Moldova, the measures are laid down in a joint action plan, signed on 7 August in Albita by Customs Service Director of Moldova Vitalie Vrabie and Bogdan Lari Mihei, deputy head of the National Agency for Fiscal Administration in Romania, coordinator of the activity of customs structures.

The most important measures agreed by the two authorities refer to increase the number of personnel and control equipment, use of all tracks, including those on the opposite crossing, as well as boosting exchange of information. At the same time, the measures ordered by the Customs Service of Moldova also provide for the involvement of the heads of customs posts and their deputies in the control procedure, as well as the creation of intervention groups, whose members are recalled from leave to cover staff needs.

Bogdan Lari Mihei informed about the efforts to fill 210 vacancies, and approval on supplementing the staff by another 200 units of positions. This will allow increasing the number of customs workers in positions of the highest traffic values.

At present, the most transitory customs post remains Leuşeni. It has been over 24 thousand crossings of transport units for just one week, while in other periods of the year the traffic amounts to about 18 thousand crossings.




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