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New app is helping refugee children speak Italian and English


Thousands of child migrants arrive in Italy every year, often unaccompanied and rarely with any knowledge of Italian, which can present problems for those trying to help and work with them.

A newly released app, Benvenuti ABC, aims to teach migrant and refugee children some basic Italian and English, allowing for better communication between new arrivals and volunteers.

Benvenuti ABC can be downloaded as an app for IOS or Android devices or browsed online. Initially it was made available only to volunteers with Migrantes Foundation – Italy’s biggest charity organization working with migrants – to assess how well it worked, but now it is freely available and has been downloaded hundreds of times.

As well as serving the immediate purpose of facilitating communication between new arrivals and native Italians, the app will encourage further initiatives by demonstrating how easy it is to create technological solutions to problems.

  The Project is funded
by the European
The Project is implemented
by the International
Organization for Migration