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Second edition of the Guidebook on legal emigration developed in Georgia


In 2015, a Guidebook on legal emigration was developed within the framework of the State Commission on Migration Issues (SCMI) of Georgia that soon after publishing on the websites of the state agencies – members of the SCMI – as well as of the partner international and non-governmental organizations has become a principal information source for migrants and other persons interested in migration.

In order to facilitate the legal emigration, the SCMI Secretariat continues to carry out awareness-raising activities, envisaged as well by the Migration Strategy of Georgia 2016-2020 and its Action Plan. In the frame of the Strategy, the SCMI Secretariat prepared a second edition of the Guidebook on legal emigration.

The changes mainly referred to the information on legal migration to EU and threats of illegal migration linked basically to introducing a visa-free travel to EU/Schengen states. Minor changes have been made as well in the sections describing the services and programmes/projects implemented by different international and non-governmental organizations.

The Guidebook (in Georgian) is available here.

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