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Turkey plans to install electronic surveillance systems along borders with Armenia and Georgia


Turkey is considering a plan to equip their land border with an electronic surveillance system across the Armenia and Georgia border out of security concern.

According to the report by Turkish “Borsagundem” news site, Turkish Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu has announced the country has completed 72 kilometers of the construction of the 144-kilometer-long security wall along the Iranian border.

As part of Turkey’s measures to increase border security and to combat smuggling and illegal border crossings, Ankara launched the construction project in 2015 to build 828 km of the wall across the Syrian and Iranian borders. 

Speaking of the measures at the border with Armenia and Georgia, minister informed the country envisages to equip the land border with electronic surveillance systems.  “I think in the course of one or two months certain measures will be taken in Ardahan. There will be no wall, but electronic systems to be installed there,” the minister was quoted by the source as saying.

  The Project is funded
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