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Ukrainians most often travel to EU without visa across border with Poland


Ukrainian citizens most often travel to the countries of the European Union without visa through border checkpoints with Poland, Ukraine's State Border Guard Service has said.

"The most active movement of Ukrainians under visa-free travel is recorded at border crossing points with Poland (694,000 crossings), as well as by air (674,000 crossings)," the statement reads.

According to border guards, the Hungarian (248,000 crossings), Romanian (236,000) and Slovak (142,000) sections of the border remain active.

The agency said that Ukrainian citizens enjoy the benefits of visa-free travel "more boldly," especially from the point of view of the expiration of the validity of visas issued earlier. In particular, 36,000 trips of Ukrainians without a visa were recorded in December 2017, and their number rose to 152,000 in December 2018, the report said.

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