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EU provides humanitarian aid for refugees and migrants in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The European Commission has allocated an additional €500,000 to continue assisting the most vulnerable refugees...


EU-Armenia committee meets for first time under partnership agreement

On 27 November, the EU and Armenia held the first meeting of the Partnership Committee...


Joint border patrols to guard the border between Moldova and Romania

Moldova and Romania will create joint teams that will patrol the common border between the...


Frontex concludes four-year Eastern Partnership project

On 20 November, Frontex, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, hosted the final meeting...


IOM launches online course to foster countering trafficking in Ukraine

On 20 November, a new e-course on countering human trafficking for Ukrainian government officials and NGO...


The EU Council approved the strengthening of the Schengen Information System

On 19 November, the Council adopted three regulations on the use of the Schengen Information...


Presentation of study report on circular migration in EU was held in Georgia

On 16 November 2018, a report of the study on circular migration, initiated and commissioned...


Amounts sent to non-EU countries by EU residents up at 32.7 billion euro in 2017

According to Eurostat, in 2017, flows of money sent by residents of the European Union (EU) to...


More than 1,000 km of border barriers have been built in the EU since 1989

European Union states have built over 1,000km of border walls since 1989, a new study published...


State Migration Service of Amenia and ICMPD sign memorandum to repatriate and reintegrate Armenian migrants

On 8 November, the State Migration Service of Armenia and the Armenian Office of the...

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